June 4, 2023

Pro Chukker “Official” Ball of IBPA

"Official" ball of the IBPA

March 11, 2010

The International Beach Polo Association has named the Pro Chukker “Arena Master” inflatable ball as the “Official” tournament ball of the association.

“The construction, properties and quality control exhibited by Pro Chukker in the production of the Arena Master allows the IBPA to name the Arena Master as the Official ball of the International Beach Polo Association,” said association chairman Alex Webbe.

“It is important that the ball employed in beach polo competition exhibit both durability and continuity of manufacturing standards in the production of the ball.  It is also of paramount importance that the ball is sturdy enough to withstand the vigorous play demanded in beach polo competition,” Webbe added.

“Pro Chukker was created to design and manufacture equipment that would allow the sport of polo to be played at its highest level,” said founder Michael Moertl.  “In line with this philosophy, it is our great honor to have had the Pro Chukker Arena Master chosen as the official ball of the International Beach Polo Association, an organization devoted to showcasing the best in high-goal polo around the globe,” he added.

Pro Chukker was established in 2007 and is based on Los Angeles, California.  It is now an international supplier of both polo equipment and apparel.