March 23, 2023

Partnership International Beach Polo Association – POLO+10

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POLO+10 is glad to announce the International Beach Polo Association (IBPA) as new cooperation partner. In 2004, polo was played on sand for the first time in Dubai. Still quite the sensation back then, beach polo is now one of the most popular types of polo and the one that attracts the most spectators. It is played in the most beautiful and renowned locations and polo destinations around the globe, and new locations are being added every year. The International Beach Polo Association (IBPA) was created in 2008 by Alex Webbe to promote national and international competition and cooperation in the pursuit of the sport of beach polo. Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans began working with the IBPA in 2010 and after taking over a number of the responsibilities of the organization, was named President in 2012.

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