June 4, 2023

Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans named VP of International Beach Polo Association

Joy Countess du Lau d'Allemans named Vice President of the International Beach Polo Association.

Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans named Vice President of the International Beach Polo Association.

Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans has been named Vice President of the International Beach Polo Association and will be working with the non-profit organization to coordinate affiliated charities that will participate in a World Beach Polo Tour.

Joy has been active in charitable causes for some time now and it was felt that her international contacts and experience with charities on a local, national and international will be invaluable to the Association.

“I’ve always been a big fan of the game,” Joy said, “and the opportunity to join work with charities and causes on a worldwide basis and participate in this most exciting of games is a rare opportunity.”

Joy began riding at an early age and did her share of showing. Although her prowess on the polo field hasn’t been put to the test she can be seen mallet in hand hitting the ball around.

“There’s something very regal about the field game,” she offered, “but I believe the intimacy that is offered by a beach polo arena has a great deal to offer. Whereas so many times a game of field polo serves as merely a backdrop for a cocktail party, the proximity of the players and horses in beach polo forces the spectators to get involved.”

With current beach polo venues ranging from Argentina to Germany, from Australia and India to England; the game has exploded with its own special brand of the sport of kings.

“I believe that there is a sense of noblesse oblige that goes hand-in-hand with a noble sport like polo,” Joy added. “The fact that a great many people are enjoying a day or two of heated competition, cocktail parties and great companionship while raising monies to enrich the lives of children in need, a local community or helping to combat a particular disease or blight, for instance shows a definitive social conscience with which I wholeheartedly support.”

“We’re looking for more than her charitable support,” said International Beach Polo Association Chairman, Alex Webbe. “We’ll be looking to her to assist in the direction and production of a number of the many fashion shows that accompany our events.”

The 6′ 1″ former model was signed by Eileen Ford herself while in her early teens, and doesn’t fail to turn eyes when she enters a room.

“I have to admit that her appearance is an added bonus when it comes to approaching and coordinating efforts with charitable institutions,” said Webbe, “combined with her international experience in the field and many well-placed contacts, we feel very lucky to have her join us.”

The appointment comes as the International Beach Polo Association continues to spread its global wings in an effort to bring the game of polo to a wider audience.

“Polo has always been looked upon as a sport of the elite,” added Webbe, “but we believe that the much more casual approach taken by beach polo sets fans and spectators alike at ease from the first throw-in.”

Recently referred to by the International Polo Federation’s marketing expert, Bruce Colley, beach polo attracts more spectators than any other form of the game in the world.

The IBPA is already scheduled to organize an event in China with a number of other sites clamoring for a like-event. The addition of Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans to the Association ranks will only serve to further the growth and popularity of the horse and mallet game.


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