September 29, 2023

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POLO+10 is glad to announce the International Beach Polo Association (IBPA) as new cooperation partner. In 2004, polo was played on sand for the first time in Dubai. Still quite the sensation back then, beach polo is now one of the most popular types of polo and the one that attracts the most spectators. It is played in the most beautiful and renowned locations and polo destinations around the globe, and new locations are being added every year. The International Beach Polo Association (IBPA) was created in 2008 by Alex Webbe to promote national and international competition and cooperation in the pursuit of the sport of beach polo. Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans began working with the IBPA in 2010 and after taking over a number of the responsibilities of the organization, was named President in 2012.

Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans named President of International Beach Polo Association

President and Chief Operating Officer of the International Beach Polo Association.

President and Chief Operating Officer of the International Beach Polo Association.

The IBPA has a new president.  After two years of working hand in hand with the International Beach Polo Association, Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans has been named president and Chief Operational Officer, it was announced.

Initially enticed to join the international body in an effort to coordinate charitable efforts with global beach polo events and to assist in branding opportunities, the association decided to take advantage of a broader scope of talents offered by her.

“Joy has a long association with horses,” said IBPA Chairman Alex Webbe, “and has been fascinated by the game of polo since her childhood on her family ranch in Texas.  It was only a matter of time before she found herself swinging a mallet from the back of a galloping thoroughbred,” he added.

“She’s enjoyed matches from St. Tropez to Buenos Aires to the Palm Beach,” Webbe said, “but it wasn’t until she saw her first beach polo event that she understood how powerfully the game could be presented to the general public.”

“It’s one thing to be racing down the field at a full gallop, feeling the wind in your face and the power of the horse underneath you while you chase the ball,” she said, “but the smaller arena-like setting of beach polo and the relaxed ocean-side setting make it an ideal vehicle with which to educate the general public about this great sport,”  she said.  “When you are literally yards away from the play you have the opportunity to see the expressions on the faces of the players as they struggle for control of the ball.  You see every muscle of these powerful animals flexing as they carry riders into one play after another, stopping, turning and accelerating on the beach so close to the spectators that they could actually touch them as they race by.”

Joy will be focusing on coordinating assistance and support for emerging beach polo events around the world in an effort to grow the sport and introduce the game of polo to a larger audience.

“Our feeling is that the game will gather popularity as more people that are exposed to it,” she said.  “The key is bringing the sport to populated areas that can accommodate the beach polo game, allowing larger audiences access to this great sport.  The spectacle of beach polo serves as a vehicle to introduce the game to the masses in a relaxed but upscale setting.  We have seen it work in England, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Italy, and so many other places, with the sport of polo being the ultimate winner,” she added.

Yellow Cab claims 2012 Maserati Miami Beach Polo World Cup

Yellow Cab wins 2012 Maserati Miami Beach Polo World Cup

By Alex Webbe

For the first time in history the Miami Beach Polo World Cup ended in a whimper rather than a bang—at least on the playing surface.  After three days of beach polo competition in the 2012 Maserati Miami Beach Polo World Cup, the finals were rained out with 30+ mile-per-hour winds whipping torrents of rain into the event’s massive VIP tent and soaking the playing surface to a point that made it unplayable.

With no options left for the final play-off on the beach, it was proposed that the Yellow Cab Polo Team and The Raleigh polo team faceoff in dryer climes, at the arena facility at Palm Beach Polo in Wellington, to the north.

With only one team able to assemble, a forfeit was reluctantly agreed upon and Simon Garber’s Yellow Cab Polo Team (2-0) was declared the winner of the 2012 Maserati Miami Beach Polo World Cup.

“This certainly isn’t the way we wanted this to be decided,” said Garber, “but we fought hard and were confident about our chances going into the finals.”

“It’s always difficult to reset playoffs when players, horses and personnel have tournament schedules to keep,” said Alex Webbe, Director of Polo.  The Raleigh team captain, Bash Kazi, had business appointments to keep and teammate John Gobin had already shipped his horses north to compete in tournaments in Aiken, South Carolina.”

The sport of polo is a transient one as it moves from club to club, country to country following one tournament after another.  The Maserati Miami Beach Polo World Cup has traditionally been the culmination of the highest level of polo played in North America, putting an exclamation on the high-goal season of the International Polo Club in Wellington, Florida and sending many of these players in different directions as they become part of new teams in new competitions while the Florida polo season take a respite for the summer.

An annual favorite that attracts fourteen teams in two tournaments, this year’s finals ended up being a celebration of the previous four days of play in a hurricane-like party at The Raleigh hotel, the assigned “clubhouse for this year’s tournament.

“We were prepared to play on,” offered Bruce Orosz, President and CEO of The Polo Life, the producer of the event, “but sometimes Mother Nature wins out.  We’ll be back stronger than ever next year, and the tradition will continue.”

Maserati South Beach Women’s Polo Cup

Eight teams of some of the country’s top female polo players took to the sands of South Beach on Thursday, April 26th to compete in the opening day of the eighth annual Maserati Miami Beach Polo World Cup. Day one brought the Maserati South Beach Women’s Polo Cup to an ecstatic audience of Polo enthusiasts. The title was taken by the HEYS USA team of Cecelia Cochran, Diana Jack and Alicia Harden, who took top honors with a hard fought 3-1 win over a talented Lufthansa Private Jet team of Valerie Biehl, Pamela Flanagan and Laura Wilson. Cecelia was named MVP of the match.

The Bulgari team of Scarlet Davenport, Cristina Hosmer and Maggie McNamara edged past the Ciroc team (Josefina Gonzalez, Daniella Sciretta and Liselotte Sandberg) in a 1-0 defensive battle. Maggie McNamara was honored as MVP. Joining the competition were teams from Gascon WIne, E! Entertainment, The Raleigh and Maserati.



Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans named VP of International Beach Polo Association

Joy Countess du Lau d'Allemans named Vice President of the International Beach Polo Association.

Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans named Vice President of the International Beach Polo Association.

Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans has been named Vice President of the International Beach Polo Association and will be working with the non-profit organization to coordinate affiliated charities that will participate in a World Beach Polo Tour.

Joy has been active in charitable causes for some time now and it was felt that her international contacts and experience with charities on a local, national and international will be invaluable to the Association.

“I’ve always been a big fan of the game,” Joy said, “and the opportunity to join work with charities and causes on a worldwide basis and participate in this most exciting of games is a rare opportunity.”

Joy began riding at an early age and did her share of showing. Although her prowess on the polo field hasn’t been put to the test she can be seen mallet in hand hitting the ball around.

“There’s something very regal about the field game,” she offered, “but I believe the intimacy that is offered by a beach polo arena has a great deal to offer. Whereas so many times a game of field polo serves as merely a backdrop for a cocktail party, the proximity of the players and horses in beach polo forces the spectators to get involved.”

With current beach polo venues ranging from Argentina to Germany, from Australia and India to England; the game has exploded with its own special brand of the sport of kings.

“I believe that there is a sense of noblesse oblige that goes hand-in-hand with a noble sport like polo,” Joy added. “The fact that a great many people are enjoying a day or two of heated competition, cocktail parties and great companionship while raising monies to enrich the lives of children in need, a local community or helping to combat a particular disease or blight, for instance shows a definitive social conscience with which I wholeheartedly support.”

“We’re looking for more than her charitable support,” said International Beach Polo Association Chairman, Alex Webbe. “We’ll be looking to her to assist in the direction and production of a number of the many fashion shows that accompany our events.”

The 6′ 1″ former model was signed by Eileen Ford herself while in her early teens, and doesn’t fail to turn eyes when she enters a room.

“I have to admit that her appearance is an added bonus when it comes to approaching and coordinating efforts with charitable institutions,” said Webbe, “combined with her international experience in the field and many well-placed contacts, we feel very lucky to have her join us.”

The appointment comes as the International Beach Polo Association continues to spread its global wings in an effort to bring the game of polo to a wider audience.

“Polo has always been looked upon as a sport of the elite,” added Webbe, “but we believe that the much more casual approach taken by beach polo sets fans and spectators alike at ease from the first throw-in.”

Recently referred to by the International Polo Federation’s marketing expert, Bruce Colley, beach polo attracts more spectators than any other form of the game in the world.

The IBPA is already scheduled to organize an event in China with a number of other sites clamoring for a like-event. The addition of Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans to the Association ranks will only serve to further the growth and popularity of the horse and mallet game.


Guille Usandizaga leads Titan Commercial to 2011 Grey Goose Chicago Beach Polo World Cup Title

By Alex Webbe

Both Lufthansa and Titan commercial scored one-sided wins in the early round of
competition in the 2011 Grey Goose Chicago Beach Polo World Cup play, and
anticipation was high for a tightly contest finals, but such was not the case
in the 11-3 titan win.

“They (Tavi and Guille Usandizaga) just kept coming at us,” said Lufthansa team captain Scott Devon.  “Every time you turned around one or both of them were right there,” said the 4-goaler from Michigan.

Titan commercial got off to a fast start, picking up goals from Guille Usandizaga and
Ben Rosenfield while holding a talented Lufthansa team scoreless.  At the end of the first chukker, Titan commercial led 2-0.

A penalty conversion from Guille Usandizaga put titan commercial up 3-0 before Lufthansa finally got on the scoreboard.  Two consecutive penalty goals from former Canadian team captain Brandon Phillips cut the Titan lead to a single goal, 3-2, at the end of the first half, and an enthusiastic crowd looked to be in for an exciting finals.

An energized Titan commercial team returned to the sand arena in the third chukker.  The Titan attack caught the Lufthansa team still in the hanger as it rolled up six unanswered goals on its way to a commanding 9-2 lead with four goals from Guille Usandizaga and single goals from Tavi Usandizaga and Chad Middendorf (splitting the Number 1 position with Rosenfield).

Devon finally got Lufthansa back on the scoreboard with his first goal of the
afternoon in the fourth, but it was a case of too little too late.  The Usandizaga brothers continued to soar through the arena like a pair of Kamikaze pilots, with each scoring a final goal in the fourth chukker for the resounding 11-3 win.

Guille Usandizaga led all scoring with seven goals on the day while brother Tavi
scored twice.  Middendorf and Rosenfield added single goals.

Phillips scored twice for Lufthansa and Devon added a goal in a losing effort.

Guille Usandizaga captured MVP honors for his performance while Cliff Yandell’s Trifecta (ridden by Brandon Phillips) took Best Playing Pony honors in the
2011 Grey Goose Chicago Beach Polo World Cup.


A Ruben Coscia-driven Grey Goose team captured the consolation round of the 2011 Grey Goose Chicago Beach Polo World Cup scoring wins over Gascon and Amstel
Light/Comcast in round-robin play.

Gascon opened the competition, scoring a 3-2 win over Amstel Light/Comcast as Chad Kraml scored all three goals in the win.  Nadir Khan and Claudio Gauna scored single goals for the Amstel Light/Comcast trio.

The second round of play had Grey goose scoring a narrow 1-0 win over Gascon in two chukkers of play dominated by defensive blocks and hard-riding that featured a
single goal from Coscia for the win.

The final round of the round-robin had Grey goose running over a stubborn Amstel
Light/Comcast team 5-2, with Amstel Light/Comcast getting a single two-goal
score from Gauna.  The enthusiastic crowd was treated to a fabulous opening to the final two chukkers of play as Grey Goose opened the match with Coscia scoring a two-point shot that traveled the entire length of the arena for the early 2-0 lead.  Marcelo Cabeza scored to make it 3-0 before Gauna scored a two-pointer for Amstel Light/Comcast to cut the Grey Goose lead to a 3-2, single goal lead.

Two more goals from Coscia went unanswered in the final chukker as Grey Goose took the game, 5-2.

Coscia led the scoring with four goals.  Teammate Cabeza added a goal in the win.

Gauna, the Culver Military Academy polo coach, accounted for both points for Amstel Light/Comcast in the loss.

Crowds clamor for more beach polo action in Grey Goose North Beach Women’s Cup Finals

By Alex Webbe

Warmer weather and light breezes greeted the nearly two thousand spectators that
showed up at Chicago’s North Avenue Beach for Sunday’s final round of play in
the debut of the Grey Goose North Beach Women’s Polo Cup.

The finalists had been determined in Saturday’s contests with Gascon and Lufthansa Private Jet scoring  wins over Grey Goose and Trump Residence, respectively, while Titan Commercial and LufthansaPrivate Jet  emerged from the five teams in contention for the world cup.

The highly-touted Gascon polo team of Melissa Hornung, Tara Lordi and Angela York
arrived in Chicago as the odds-on favorite in the Grey Goose North Beach
Women’s Polo Cup, and did little to tarnish their image as York scored the
opening goal of the game for a 1-0 lead after the first period of play.

Lufthansa Private Jet responded with goals from Megan West and Whitney Vogt (penalty conversion).  Hornung’s first goal of the day had the score knotted up at 2-2 after the first half of play.

Valerie Biehl opened the scoring in the third to give Lufthansa Private Jet a 3-2 advantage, but Gascon fought back to get the tying goal on a penalty shot from York.  The score was all even at 3-3 with one chukker left to play in regulation time.

Vogt’s second penalty goal of the game came in the fourth chukker and gave Lufthansa Private Jet a 4-3 edge with time running out when Tara Lordi scored her first goal of the game to knot it up at 4-4 as time expired.

A confident Gascon team stepped up for the overtime shoot-out, a formula that would allow each member of each team an opportunity to score on a penalty shot with each
team taking turns until the winner emerged.

Hornung, Lordi and York had captured the South Beach Championship in April in the same manner, and were confident of their chances in Chicago.  With five of the first six shots going wide of the mark, and all three Gascon shots missing, it would be Vogt who would prove the difference scoring her third goal of the day for the Lufthansa Private Jet win.

Vogt led all scoring with three goals.  Teammates West
and Biehl added single goals in the win.

York led the Gascon team with a pair of goals.  Hornung and Lordi scored single goals in a losing effort.

Vogt was named MVP for her efforts while Marcelo Cabeza’s Negrita, played by Tara Lordi, was named Best Playing Pony.


In earlier action, Grey Goose scored a narrow 4-3 win over Trump Residence on a penalty shot from Samantha Falbe in the final seconds of regulation play to capture the consolation round of the Grey Goose North Beach Women’s Polo Cup.

Trump took the early lead on first chukker goals from Nigeria’s Neku Atawodi and Tracy Regas, with Grey Goose settling for a lone goal from Brazilian Paula Chermont.  Falbe tied it up at 2-2 in the second chukker, but Regas closed out the first half scoring with her second goal of the game for a 3-2 halftime lead for the Trump Residence trio.

Both teams pressed the attack in the second half of play, but defense held firm.  Penalty conversions from Aimee Waters in the third and Falbe in the fourth accounted for the final scores of the match.  Falbe’s penalty shot came with seconds left to play and secured the win for the Grey Goose team.

Adolfo Cambiaso Captures 2011 Ibiza Beach Polo Cup

By Alex Webbe

Following five days’ action in which six male teams and four female teams took part, La Dolfina, under the leadership of Adolfo Cambiaso, the world’s most revered player, overcame Nassau Beach Club 5-4 and clinched the 2nd Ibiza Beach Polo Cup, in Spain.

“It was a great pleasure to play polo in Ibiza, “Cambiaso offered. “This is an incredible place, terrific beaches, and the people are very special,” he added after the deciding match.
“I came to play because the tournament was organized by my friend, Gabriel Iglesias, but I was surprised by the number of people the event attracted. The final turned out to be a competitive match against a talented team,” he added, “like all the rest of the teams that took part in the tournament. I’ve had a great time and I know I’ll be returning here.”

Marianela Castagnola led her Casino de Ibiza team to a 5-3 win over Fashion TV in the ladies’ final for the Custo Barcelona Cup.

The second edition of the Ibiza Beach Polo Cup took place from June 13th to 18th, and was organized by 4Polo Management. The event included fashion parades and exclusive polo parties. During the days in which the matches took place, more than 5,000 people were present, and they were able to enjoy the action of such players as Cambiaso, Ignacio Tillous and Julio Novillo Astrada, and many others.

The Raleigh Captures 2011 Beach Polo World Cup

 By Alex Webbe

The seventh annual AMG Miami Beach Polo World Cup presented by Nespresso, the world’s largest and most prestigious Beach Polo tournament culminated on Sunday, April 24 with its closing day of exciting matches and highly anticipated grand finale.

A resilient Raleigh team, made up of Bash Kazi, Pelon Escapite and Luis Escobar, fought the 2010 defending champions, Hublot, to take the AMG Miami Beach Polo World Cup title, with a final score of 10-6, set before a record crowd. Four goals from Mexico’s Pelon Escapite, including three in the final chukker shut the door on a talented Hublot team that trailed throughout the match. Luis Escobar from Costa Rica lead the Raleigh team with five goals on the day. Pelon Escapite was named MVP for the tournament.


“They’re a very good team,” confessed Hublot’s Kris Kampsen following the game. “They just out-played us today.”


Earlier in the day, Grey Goose scored an 8-5 win over AMG-Mercedes, captained by host of America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh, in the Carl Fisher International Cup with Raul “Gringo” Colombres from Argentina taking MVP honors. The Julius Fleischman Memorial Cup went to the Yellow Cab team in a 9-5 win over LAN/Comcast. Brandon Phillips and Argentina’s Mauricio Devrient scored four goals apiece, with Devrient being named MVP. The 9 year-old Chestnut Mare, ridden by Hublot’s Kris Kampsen, was named Best Playing Pony.


“This year’s event was the most successful to-date,” said Bruce Orosz, founder and president of The Polo Life, producers of The AMG Miami Beach World Cup. “We set a record attendance each day as a result of the tremendous buzz that spread throughout Miami Beach during the course of the week. This year’s world-class level of play raised the bar for years to come and the fierce competition between the players in the arena kept the crowd on the edge of their seats. We thank all of our wonderful sponsors, patrons and everyone behind-the-scenes who helped make this year’s competition such an outstanding success. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.”


By Alex Webbe 

Kris Kampsen lit up the scoreboard on Friday afternoon during the opening day of the men’s tournament at the AMG Miami Beach Polo World Cup on the sands of South Beach, as the defending 2010 championship team, Hublot, handed John Walsh and his AMG-Mercedes team a humbling 10-5 defeat.
Kampsen scored nine goals on the day as Hublot got on track after a competitive first chukker that had the team on top 1-0. Hublot scored two more unanswered goals in the second half as the host of ‘America’s Most Wanted’ and company had few answers for the high-powered Hublot play.
“That’s tough work,” said Walsh, following his match, “It’s physical and fast moving – a real challenge.”
Hublot increased their lead 5-1 after the third chukker, with 9-goaler, Tommy Biddle, finally landing AMG-Mercedes with a penalty goal.  Kampsen added four more goals to the Hublot total in the fourth and final period, with teammate Thomas Winter scoring his first goal of the afternoon.  AMG-Mercedes put up four goals of their own, with Biddle accounting for all five of the goals in the team’s 10-5 loss.
In earlier games, the Raleigh team defeated Yellow Cab 8-5 in a neck-and-neck brawl followed by a 10-8 win by the Grey Goose team from behind against LAN/Comcast, who missed a 2-point penalty shot that would have gained them a tie on the final whistle.
Onlookers in the AMG-Mercedes VIP tent included producer, Russell Simmons, who took an avid interest in the matches being played with friends.
Action continues on Saturday afternoon, starting at 1:00pm with Hublot against LAN/Comcast.  At 2:00pm, AMG-Mercedes faces the Raleigh team, followed by a 3:00pm showdown between Grey Goose and Yellow Cab.